Ladysmith Dispensary – Order Marijuana Online – Vancouver Island

Budbarn Cannabis Co. is pleased to announce our Nanaimo Dispensary is providing online orders for Marijuana to Ladysmith. Our head office and local dispensary is located in Nanaimo, BC, Vancouver Island. We supply the highest quality strains of Marijuana to Ladysmith residents. Our Online Dispensary is fully stocked, and we employ highly knowledgeable and friendly staff for fast and discreet Marijuana Orders. Our Products

Why do you need to set up an account first? We want to make the experience easier for you the customer, once your account is created, you do not have to re-supply your information, simply log in and reorder, that’s easy! Click here to set up a new account. Bud Barn also wants to ensure we are following the recommendations of the Canadian Government to prevent the sale of Marijuana to minors. When Marijuana is legal in 2018 we will follow each Canadian Province’s guidelines.

Is my personal information safe? Yes, we use full SSL (encrypted) on all data supplied to ensure you are not compromised. The information will never be shared or sold to any third party that is not directly required to fulfill your request, ever!

Questions and Support  For the experienced they typically know the types of Marijuana they require, however some may require more support. If you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to call or email.

Support Open Times Location and Contact: Call Us: (778) 441-4119 Email: 115 NICOL ST., Nanaimo, BC

Hours Of Operation: Sun–Sat: 9 AM – 11 PM WEB QUESTIONS: MON-FRI 9-5 Smiles are FREE at the Bud Barn, Buy Cannabis the safe and secure way!